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Simply insert the Penis into the device, secure the head and adjust the tension to your level of comfort, wear it any time of day or night desired. The key to penile enlargement is gradual tension over an extended period of time. Most Max-Xtender users note increases within a week or two!! You can expect permanent penile growth results....up to 2 inches or more. *Note: Results may vary more or less depending on frequency of use.


Increase penis length and thickness, Stimulate a harder and more powerful erection, Exclusive design helps maintain your erection for as long as you wish without an erection ring (use my Comfort Fit Prolong Ring for extended sex), Increase confidence, sex drive and sexual performance, Intensify your orgasm


If you have tried other pumps in the past without success I am sorry that you have been disappointed. But if you are serious about penis enlargement, increasing your penis length, thickness and hardness I recommend 100% the penis enlargement systems shown here that you can buy direct from the manufacturer without a prescription and save hundreds of dollars.


1. The Best Penis Vacuum Pump. Squeeze bulb and short stroke centric or center push pumps create a minimum amount of vacuum. Used possibly for masturbation but not for the vacuum that is required to enlarge your penis. To be successful you need our Penis Pumps with the exclusive POWER VACUUM CONTROLLER that adjusts the right amount of vacuum for your Penis Enlargement.

2. Easy To Follow Professional Instructions. We do not ship to you a small piece of paper with instructions on how to use the pump and then leave you guessing on its proper use. Please do not be misled. Without professional instruction there just isn't any easy 1-2-3 method for penis enlargement. Instead I have produced a Professional Instructional Video and Magazine that shows you step by step everything you need to know to be successful. Only after you learn my penis enlargement methods by watching the video and magazine it will then seem as easy as 1-2-3. I have sold millions of my videos and magazines. Because of this volume my cost is only one dollar for the video and magazine and it is not for sale. My penis enlargement instructions without the best penis vacuum pump cannot help you. I include it Free with the purchase of any of my Professional Penis Vacuum Pumps. Now you have the combination you need for your successful penis enlargement, the best professional pump and professional instruction.

The penis about 3 inches is inserted into the clear tube.

After instruction and pumping this man has enlarged his penis by a couple of inches.

After more pumping the penis is removed from the tube and the penis is visibly longer and thicker.

Even when the pump is not used the penis "hangs" thicker and longer.

However, there are some men who would like to maintain an erection for a considerable length of time. You must not use a fixed size tight fitting plastic ring around your penis when you use a penis pump. You could restrict the blood flowing into your penis. Instead, I offer to you Free with any penis enlargement system a Comfort Fit Erection Ring that will adjust to fit any size penis.


Our original Penis Enlargement vacuum pump and loaded with features that have made it our biggest seller before we introduced our Trigger Pump. Extra long 10 inch piston assembly. The round knob at the end of the piston fits comfortably in the palm of your hand for easier pumping. Two hand operation but designed so it is very easy to use. One hand holds the piston housing and with your other hand you grasp the comfort fit round knob at the end of the piston rod and pump to enlarge your penis. Produces the vacuum power you need for successful penis enlargement. Easier and faster than the foreign import squeeze bulb novelty pumps and centric or center pumps that cannot sustain the vacuum. At this price it is an excellent value and includes the exclusive clear cylinder injection molded tube.


Our exclusive pistol grip and trigger design and the worlds largest selling vacuum pump for those men serious about Penis Enlargement. One hand operation fits comfortably like a pistol. Pull the trigger and instantly the piston releases the vacuum you need for a longer, thicker and harder penis. Because of the easy one hand operation, this pump has become our largest seller and the ultimate Penis Enlargement Pump since its introduction in early 1997. Made from Space-Age Highest Grade ABS material for superior construction. With these features and our low price, definitely the best value in Penis Enlargement Pumps. Includes the exclusive clear cylinder injection molded tube. Our low direct from the manufacturers price only


Does this pump look familiar to you? If you have been looking around, you may have seen this same type of pump sold in stores and advertised by others on the internet for up to $150.00. One hand operation. Comfort fit grip to make it easier for you to squeeze the lever so that you can operate the power piston. A Professional Pump and a great value as we offer it to you at about half the price. Includes the clear cylinder injection molded tube.



We also sell a premium cylinder and pump(not shown on this page) which is more expensive but has numerous advantages including : higher quality, long lasting clear acrylic, cylinder is custom sized to fit you, stronger brass vacuum pump, you can move up to larger cylinders as you get larger, quick connector on the top of the tube lets you disconnect the pump and retain vacuum in the tube, no need for a rubber seal on the base as it flared and has a comfortable lip at the base. To find out more about these units please click here or visit store.newart.com.


Of course, that's a personal choice. All of our pumps use our exclusive injection molded clear tubes to make it easier for you to view the enlargement of your penis. All of our pumps will give you the necessary vacuum power for penis enlargement, but to make the right choice,
consider the features of each pump.

All pumps made in the U.S.A.

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